Technology-Challenged Dartmouth School Empowers Students

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This article discusses how a technology-challenged Dartmouth School is empowering students with their curiosity, tenacity, and courage as they work toward becoming It is a part larger plan by STEM-X to increase the representation, success, and leadership of historically underrepresented groups in STEM education that empower students With Curiosity, Tenacity, and Courage.

Students embrace challenges with curiosity, courage, and tenacity through Dartmouth

The Dartmouth School is a great place to learn, grow and socialize. It is located in Hanover, New Hampshire, and is within walking distance of all the things. During the school year, there are over 19,000 students and about half of them receive financial aid. This may be the reason the school boasts a swell acceptance rate.

  • Offering study-abroad opportunities 

The university offers a plethora of study-abroad opportunities and an illustrious alumni base. They are a diverse group. For example, the aforementioned TP alumnus will likely be a consultant for McKinsey in the near future. The institution is also a hub of research and development for the academic community at large. As a matter of fact, the University is home to intrepid explorers from around the world.

  • Equally storied environment for students

Dartmouth has a long and storied history. In addition to its storied alumni, its rich academic, cultural and athletic programs provide an excellent setting to launch your next career. Aside from its stellar curriculum, the university offers an equally storied environment to its students. Indeed, the campus is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, especially given its proximity to the aforementioned New England countryside. There is no shortage of academic and athletic competitions to participate in.

  • Less cheap tuition fees
  • Dartmouth boasts one of the most generous financial aid packages in the country. 
  • Despite this, tuition isn’t cheap. However, the aforementioned alumnus will likely be able to defray some or all of these costs. 
  • To make sure the most eligible individuals have the best shot at being accepted, Dartmouth has a rigorous application process. On top of the usual suspects, it is also a breeding ground for some of the nation’s most accomplished students. Whether you are a neophyte or a seasoned vet, Dartmouth has something for you.

If you are a senior deciding on which college to attend, consider a trip to Dartmouth’s illustrious campus and if all else fails, the sexiest town in all of New England. Be sure to check out its many attractions and get a taste of its culture. By the time you leave, you’ll have a solid grasp of the local

VoIP phone system prevented the community back from reaching its potential on-premises

At Dartmouth College, the on-premises VoIP phone system was holding the community back from reaching its full potential. Felix Windt, Senior Director of Network Services at the college, needed to solve this problem.

The on-premises system was too cumbersome and clunky to be useful. It also prevented the college from taking advantage of a mobile workforce.

  • Facilities for employees to work from home

A hosted solution, on the other hand, provides an affordable and flexible way to give employees the chance to work from home. Plus, it uses the internet to make calls, which can save up to 75% on operational costs.

  • On-premises system is not cheap

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  • The benefit of a hosted system

Another benefit of a hosted system is that it requires no special equipment. Instead, all your phones need is a robust Internet connection.

A hosted solution can be the best fit for companies with a growing workforce. Hosted VoIP providers can add new lines to your account online. This will allow you to keep all of your employees on the same page.

  • A modern phone system is a beneficial business asset for saving your company money

In addition to saving your company money, a modern phone system is a valuable business asset. VoIP phone systems provide caller ID and transfer features, as well as calendar programs and file-sharing capabilities. Keeping track of all your phone activity is vital, so you can ensure your team is answering the most important calls.

  • Way to increase your company’s productivity

Not to mention, a hosted system can be a great way to increase your company’s productivity. It is a good idea to compare multiple providers before settling on a solution. You may want to book a demonstration to see for yourself what a hosted VoIP system can do for your business.

  • Choosing the right system

is a matter of determining your business’s needs and budget. Whether you choose a premise-based or hosted system, the key is to find a provider with the best features and service offerings.

The right phone system can help you and your team achieve the goals of your company. From better communication to more efficient operations, a modern business phone system can boost your productivity and compete with the rest of the pack.

A new program by Dartmouth College aims to increase the representation, success, and leadership of historically underrepresented groups in STEM education 

A new program launched by Dartmouth College aims to increase the representation, success, and leadership of historically underrepresented groups in STEM education. The program is known as the “STEM-X” plan, and it will include a $100 million investment.

The STEM-X plan will include building upon existing programs and initiatives, as well as adding new ones. These include the Coulter Scholars Program, which will support undergraduate students in a variety of STEM disciplines. This new initiative will provide financial aid, academic support, and personal mentorship. It will also foster alumni-student networking.

STEM-X is part of a larger plan called “Toward Equity”. The initiative aims to improve the diversity of all students at Dartmouth College. It will focus on providing additional resources to underrepresented students, as well as improving curricular and professional development opportunities.

  • The benefit of STEM education

Women and men of color are underrepresented in STEM fields, and this has a huge impact on both academia and the private sector. As a result, the government and private foundations invest hundreds of millions of dollars to promote STEM education. For example, Google has committed to donating $3 million to the NAACP to support the Afro-Academic Olympics.

  • Dartmouth has long been dedicated to expanding the diversity of its student population. In fact, it was the first college to graduate a class of mostly women engineers.

STEM-X will build on the existing programs and will aim to increase access for underrepresented students. Through a combination of academic and professional support, as well as more scholarships, the program will help to encourage and develop the next generation of STEM leaders.

  • Historically underrepresented students will receive support at all stages of the process, from recruiting to post-graduate placement in academia or business. 
  • They will also be recognized for their accomplishments.

The STEM-X program is designed to boost the representation of underrepresented groups in the STEM fields and will help to address the national STEM diversity gap. The program will also bring more experts into introductory courses to promote diversity.

The STEM-X plan is part of a larger plan, which includes a new executive director for undergraduate STEM diversity. With this in place, the various diversity programs will be brought under one roof.

Dartmouth College with a mission to educate the next generation of students

Dartmouth College is an academic institution with a mission to educate the next generation of students. It is a diverse campus staffed by faculty members who are dedicated to teaching, research, and the cultivation of knowledge. The school offers a nurturing environment that is inspiring to both staff and students. Since its inception in 1769, Dartmouth has been providing its students with a comprehensive educational experience.

Dartmouth had been using a traditional on-premises VoIP phone system that hampered peak productivity levels and did not provide options for the school’s mobile workforce. As a result, it turned to GoToConnect, a cloud-hosted solution for technology-challenged organizations.

  • GoToconnect and its unique features
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The Town of Dartmouth may or may not be the techie foxy city it is, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get their tech on and out. To this end, the town has implemented a few cool new programs in the hopes of attracting more techie folk.