Rodrigo Asset Management Invests in Fishbrain for 12m 31m Consensus Asset Softbank

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fishbrain 12m 31m consensus asset softbank

Fishbrain is the social networking platform for sport fishing enthusiasts

Fishbrain for 12m 31m Consensus Asset Softbank The Swedish firm Adrigo Asset Management has invested in the Stockholm-based app Fishbrain. Fishbrain is a social networking platform for sport fishing enthusiasts, and it is geared toward beginners. With the app, users can easily search for and find the best locations to catch fish. It also provides bait recommendations and marine mapping. Besides, it helps users to find the most convenient time to fish.

Rodrigo Asset management firm with a low-risk level

  • Rodrigo Asset Management is a Swedish asset management firm that targets good returns with a low-risk level.
  •  It is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and invests in leading healthcare, finance, and insurance companies. In addition, it adopts the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. However, it does not invest in commercial gambling companies or companies that produce pornography.

On March 25, 2021, Adrigo Asset Management invested $31 million in Fishbrain. The funds will help the company expand its user base and hire employees in Europe and the United States. They are part of the investment made in the High-Potential building block, which is a group of companies that aim to generate strong returns. This building block consists of three companies – Fishbrain, B Capital Group, and Consensus Smabolagsfond.

benefits of fish brain

  • These investors, along with other institutional investors, were interested in the Fishbrain funding round.
  •  A few of them include Adrigo Asset Management, SoftBank Ventures Asia, and Consensus Smabolagsfond. 
  • Among the other investors are family offices, institutional investors, and other investors.

The investment is aimed at helping the company build its market share in Sweden. It also will help to hire more sales and marketing personnel. The funding is also expected to increase the company’s presence in Norway. During its first year of operations, the app already reached 12 million users. Moreover, the app was named the hottest startup in Europe twice by WIRED.

The company focused on sustainable development 

The company also has a CSR policy that aims to support the company’s activities, which are focused on sustainable development. As a result, it does not invest in companies involved in fossil fuels or that produce weapons. Instead, it invests in companies that have clear goals and high return potential.

different ways being applied not to lose money

Furthermore, the company uses a high watermark to make sure that unit holders do not lose money in case of underperformance. This means that they pay only performance fees if they recover from underperformance. Since late 2017, the company has returned 26% annually.

huge Inevestemet by investros

The app has also attracted a lot of investors and has a global presence. It has received more than $30 million in funding from investors worldwide. In addition, it has invested in a number of reputed entrepreneurs and companies, which has helped it improve its innovation.

  • According to Fishbrain’s website, the app started out with only $2000. Today, it is used by more than 12 million users in Sweden, Norway, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada.
  •  Also, it has a team of 150 people from around the world.
  • It provides its users with the most comprehensive guide for each and every query. 
  • Consequently, the app is a great help for novice fishermen.

Fishbrain is a huge digital marketplace for sport fishing Fishbrain for 12m 31m Consensus Asset Softbank

Fishbrain is a digital marketplace for sport fishing. The app provides users with information about tides, fish locations, and catches. It also allows users to post photos and videos, join groups, and receive tips from pro ambassadors. It also emphasizes catch and release.

The company has gained a considerable amount of funding since its inception. Its largest round of funding came earlier this year. At the time of the announcement, the company had raised $31 million from investors around the world. http://Fishbrain for 12m 31m Consensus Asset Softbank The round included several institutional and family offices. This amount was used to hire more employees, boost marketing, and increase product development. Additionally, it was intended to expand the company’s reach into Sweden and Norway.

-Experienced board members

In the meantime, the company also announced a new board member, Stina Granberg. She has more than a decade of experience in the field of finance and investment. Along with her extensive knowledge, she brings her passion for the fisheries industry to the table. Aside from being a strong advocate for the environment, she also has a passion for catching and releasing species that are endangered. As a result, she will help accelerate user growth and strengthen the product development and sales departments.

Investors’ trust in a company

Fishbrain has been able to attract investors who share its values. For example, the app emphasizes catch and release, a value that is especially important to those who enjoy sport fishing. While it will be exciting to see the impact of this funding on the company, the main goal is to continue developing a platform for sport fishing that is user-friendly and scalable.

A large social networking app

The app is now the top-rated mobile app for sport fishing in Sweden. And, according to WIRED, it is “the hottest startup in Europe.” Not only is it a leading platform for sport fishing, but it also has a large social network of users, allowing users to interact with each other. Since its launch, the company has attracted more than five million users worldwide.

the global presence of the app with a huge number of users

Now, the app is being financed with an investment from Adrigo Asset Management. According to a press release, the company will provide Fishbrain with a $13.5 million investment in its Series B round. Fishbrain for 12m 31m Consensus Asset Softbank They will also help the app grow its global presence by expanding into Sweden and Norway. Currently, the app has a 12 million user base. Investing in the company will allow it to add more features and make its user base even larger

a huge amount of money received by the other investors

Fishbrain also secured funding from a few other investors, including B Capital Group. In addition, the company received an additional $28 million in a previous round. Investors like SoftBank Ventures Asia and Consensus Smabolagsfond also participated in the funding. This amount will enable the company to double its staff, expand its marketing and sales efforts, and add more features to the app.

Making a more user-friendly app

Overall, the funding for the app will make it more user-friendly. The app will allow users to search for the best spots to fish, log their catches, and watch tips from the app’s pro ambassadors. It will also expand its global social network. Finally, the company is taking advantage of the latest technological advancements to offer fishermen access to an app that is capable of predicting weather conditions, tracking tidal patterns, and providing other valuable fishing information.


Fishbrain is an app that allows users to find the best fishing spots. It also provides information on weather and tides. The app is free to download and is available on the App Store.

The company is looking to expand its reach to Sweden and Norway. In order to help it do so, it has raised $31 million in funding. This will allow the company to hire more employees, boost its marketing department, and increase its user base.