HousingAnywhere Expands Its Service to Property Managers With the Launch of the 24M Series

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housinganywhere 24m series

HousingAnywhere, a leading property-finding marketplace, recently announced it is expanding its service to property managers with the launch of its new 24M Series product. Its marketplace and service offers are being enhanced with a new property management platform, as well as a significant investment round led by Real Web. As a result, the company will now be available to landlords and property managers in 17 focus cities in Europe.

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  1. Housing anywhere is a platform for rent purposes around the world
  2. Current and future plans of the company
  3. The facilities are given by the company
  4. The company’s goal is to become marketplace 

Housing anywhere is a platform for rent purposes around the world

HousingAnywhere is a technology platform that helps people find and rent homes around the world. Since its launch in 2009, the company has gathered more than 5 million visitors per year. With more than 60,000 properties on its database, the platform is aiming to transform the rental accommodation market.

The startup has a mission 2021. It currently operates in 32 key cities in Europe. In order to expand its service offerings, it is also planning to add 17 more Focus Cities in the near future.

huge numbers of investors funding the company 

Since its inception, the company has received more than $10 million in funding. It has been supported by a number of investors, including Ergeny Investments, VNV Global, and Ergeny Capital.

The company is targeting young professionals and international students. They are able to easily search for available apartments and houses and then make a rental deal, which can span a period of three to twelve months.

The startup has already acquired several companies, including Iceland’s Rentmate and Italy’s StanzaZoo. In addition, it recently purchased the Dutch classifieds website Kamernet.

The technology expanding its services

HousingAnywhere plans to use its new investment to expand its services to 17 more Focus Cities in the near future. It will also continue to develop its technology platform. This will enable the company to offer a peer-to-peer payment service that will help simplify the rent collection process.

Other investments include Divvy, a San Francisco-based homeownership platform. The startup is supported by LXL Capital, Tiger Global Management, Moore Specialty Credit, JAWS Ventures, and GGV Capital. Through its platform, Divvy rents out homes to future homeowners, providing them with an opportunity to build equity.

Total investments of the company

The startup has also raised a total of more than $500 million in funding. Its current valuation is estimated at $880 million to $1.1 billion.

Along with its focus on the European market, HousingAnywhere is also developing an advanced property management platform. The company is collaborating with property managers to better understand their needs and to improve their workflows. Its aspiration is to take on the workloads that are built into the rental process.

Current and future plans of the company HousingAnywhere

  • The housing market is a tough nut to crack.
  •  It is a veritable buffet of mediocre offerings – a combination of brash and uninformed buyers, hapless landlords, and overpriced property managers. 
  • There are even times when the likes of a fellow tenant or two are the only tenants you can count on.
  •  Despite these challenges, the housing industry is still a force to be reckoned with.
  •  As such, companies such as HousingAnywhere are in a prime position to capitalize on the boom. Indeed, the company aims to become a marketplace in 2021. Since its inception, the company has acquired Studenten-WG in Germany, StanzaZoo in Italy, and Iceland’s Rentmate. In total, the company has 140 employees and more than 60,000 rental properties across Europe. This is a formidable task considering the company’s target audience – young professionals, retirees, and international students. With a clear vision of its future, the company aims to be the industry benchmark for service excellence. Using a robust platform of technological innovations, the company is well-positioned to deliver on its promise of providing the best experience for tenants, landlords, and property owners alike.

To round out a slew of incoming talent, the company is also laying the foundation for a next-gen property management platform that will enable tenants to rent out their properties at the touch of a button. As a testament to this, the company is even putting in the hard yards by launching a beta test for an automated property inspection tool.

The facilities are given by the company

  • The name of this rental accommodation marketplace isn’t quite on your lips but this gizmo is on the horizon. 
  • As of this writing, HousingAnywhere is still a relative neophyte in the ensuing dust storm. Nevertheless, its latest incarnation is an impressive tech juggernaut whose name is likely to become a household name in the not-too-distant future. 
  • To this end, a flurry of high-profile acquisitions is being readied, albeit on a tight budget.
  •  For now, all eyes are on the company’s founder, Niels Van Deuren, who has no shortage of media to shill for. Earlier this year, he and his cohorts rounded out a round of venture capital funding that saw the firm takes a big bite out of the likes of a number of startups, including a slew of fintech stalwarts. Among those, one of the more notable exits is a mobile-tech startup that promises to deliver an ad-free experience. Other notables include an online marketplace headed by the likes of a slew of high-profile names, a well-funded venture capital firm and a mobile e-commerce startup that has its finger on the pulse when it comes to online shopping.
The company’s goal is to become marketplace
  • HousingAnywhere is a rental accommodation marketplace that has over 60,000 properties available for rent. The company has been making acquisitions to boost its presence in Europe. It has recently made its largest acquisition to date.
  • As part of this latest round, HousingAnywhere acquired Kamernet, a Dutch classified website. This will help the company expand its platform and service offering to 32 focus Cities across Europe. In addition, the company will invest in new insurance lines and invest in new market channels.
  • HousingAnywhere’s goal is to become a marketplace  2021. It has 140 employees and 10 million unique visitors per year. Since its founding, the company has also acquired Iceland’s Rentmate and StanzaZoo in Italy.

As part of its goal to transform the rental market, HousingAnywhere will build an advanced property management platform. Property managers can use the platform to manage their portfolios more effectively and streamline tasks. They can also access the information they need from their tenants to ensure they qualify for loans.

HousingAnywhere also offers an API that can connect with other tools. This allows Property Managers to access the data they need and provide a better customer experience to their tenants. It will also allow them to take on the workloads that are often built into the rental process.

Company targeting young professionals in Europe

Currently, HousingAnywhere targets young professionals in the Netherlands and Europe. The company will now move into France and Spain with local sales teams.

The profits of the company

The company’s valuation is estimated at between EUR 192 million and EUR 240 million. The company has also secured capital through a number of financing events over the last year.

Currently, the company works with house managers and private real estate owners. Its providers range from small, independent landlords to large-scale property management firms.

With its rapid growth, the company is on track to achieve its goal of becoming the largest rental accommodation marketplace in Europe. By the end of the year, the company plans to add more cities in the region. And, it plans to continue expanding its API, which will allow it to work with a wide array of other applications.


The European rental housing market has been on a rollercoaster ride in the past year. One of the most interesting trends to watch is the growth of online classified portals like Airbnb and Roomster. As such, companies like HousingAnywhere and Rentmate have been forced to take the necessary steps to remain competitive. These include the more mundane tasks of property management and cleaning, in addition to more fun stuff such as advertising and marketing. This has been a boon for companies like Rentmate and Kamernet, which are able to expand into new countries such as Spain and Germany.

Similarly, housing anywhere has made good use of its newly acquired funds by launching a series of city-specific competitions that will drive its bottom-line growth